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1947-2017 70 Years as Sherman-Denison's First Radio Station
Bob Allen

70 Years in Sherman-Denison

I have told the story before. As a child, my family owned a vacation home on the Oklahoma side of Lake Texoma.

We made the drive down from Oklahoma City literally thousands of times over my seven-plus decades. That property was passed down from my grandfather, to my parents, and then to me. When the time comes, that same property will be my retirement home.

As a young boy, radio was a big part of my life. Laying in bed late at night, tuning the radio across the dial, I was able to listen to radio stations from faraway—and nearby. One of those radio stations was at 1500 on the AM dial. Then, KTAN-AM was one of the first radio commercial radio stations in Sherman-Denison. I am proud of that heritage.

Today, I own KJIM-AM at that very dial position. And this past year, I added an new FM radios station at 101.3.

Many, many, years ago, listening to 1500 AM while at the house on Lake Texoma, I realized that place on the radio dial was the touchpoint for a lifetime of memories. That's when I decided to call the radio station. "The Memory Maker." Hopefully, we're made memories for you, too. Or the music and special features sparked a few memories that are important to you.

Bob Allen

Bob Allen is Living the Dream

Since December 9, 1947, KJIM has been broadcasting at 1500 on the AM radio dial, in one form or another. It was Sherman’s first commercial broadcast station. Its original programming was classical music and the radio station, over the years, offered a variety of formats. Now, 70 years later, KJIM-AM’s sister station KJIM-FM, is the area’s newest radio station at 101.3 on the dial.

KJIM-AM’s signal can be heard across North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. The new FM signal at 101.3 covers a 40-mile radius from its 370-ft tower in Denison on Texoma Parkway just north FM 691.

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Local News

KJIM-AM 1500, The Memory Maker, joins with KJIM-FM 101.3 to provide North Texas with The Best Songs on the Radio, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

KJIM Radio in Sherman/Denison, Texas is the most-listened-to radio station among adults 35+  in the Texoma region of North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. KJIM-AM 1500 went on-the-air on December 19, 1947 and served the area continuously with live, local news, regional weather, and national and international new from CBS Radio.

KJIM-AM 1500 has been serving the community with a consistent format of adult standards, local and national news. Our signal reaches over 5-million listeners.

KJIM-AM & FM is proud of its long history of community service and offering a unique style of programming for its adult audience.


Waynetta Ausmus
Waynetta Ausmus
has been hosting her Sunday morning radio show"Storytime" from "The Luck-Me Ranch" for over 15 years. The eclectic collection of cowboy songs, poetry and yarn-spinning is a favorite respite for its loyal listeners.

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The Osgood File

Chales Osgood
KJIM-AM & FM features veteran CBS News commentator, Charles Osgood mornings and afternoons. The former CBS Television Sunday Morning Anchor Charles Osgood playfully explains why his catch-phrase, "See you on the radio," still applies to our modern world.

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