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AM Radio Revitalization Act

The changes here at KJIM Radio, the addition of a full time, day-and-night signal on the FM dial at 101.3, are a result of a ruling two years ago by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s AM Revitalization Act.

KJIM Radio on FM

Perhaps the most exciting opportunity for KJIM listeners comes two-fold:

  1. The ability to hear the same great programming on the FM radio dial;
  2. Being able to listen to KJIM day and night.

Since the beginning, KJIM-AM 1500 has been a  daytime radio station. The addition of a new FM dial position, after the KJIM-AM transmitter goes off at local sunset (the time varies through the year), you can now switch over to FM to continue listening to the same programming.

Longer Broadcast Hours on AM

Another part of the FCC’s AM Radio Service Revitalization rules could allow KJIM-AM 1500 to broadcast longer. Rather than turn-off the transmitter at local sunset, KJIM-AM 1500 would remain on the air for as long as it wants. But that is in the future and not being considered any time soon due to cost.

“No other radio station in Texoma offers the amount of locally-produced news and regional weather,” says Allen. “Duplicating our programming on the FM radio channel, gives listeners an option for static-free, higher-quality sound that can run day and night,” said Allen.